Welcome to my journey…

Hey guys and welcome to Jamie Fit UK, a blog all about my health and fitness journey.

In January I began a pretty strict gym training programme. To say I was clueless would be an understatement. I’d messed around in the gym before and tried pretty much every fad diet going but nothing seemed to be working. I was feeling pretty rubbish both mentally and physically. I started watching some fitness YouTubers and following blogs and learnt that actually being healthy did not mean eating nothing but salad and doing solely cardio. My boyfriend made me a pretty simple gym programme, which meant braving the scary weights area, and I starting tracking my macros (the latter I am still working on…)

I absolutely love it and feel stronger and happier in myself than I ever have. My focus is no longer getting skinny, but rather I’m focusing on getting stronger (both physically and mentally). Just after starting my journey I set up an Instagram account mainly to motivate myself. My @jamiefituk account has been so useful and I have been and continue to be inspired and motivated by people on their fitness journey. I am certainly no expert and I am learning everyday, but I am hoping that this blog will help to inspire, motivate and teach you (as well as me!). If you have any advice or would like to see anything in particular, just get in touch. I would really love to hear from you.

So, a little bit about me. I’m a 20 year old student, studying history at the University of Warwick. I live in Nottinghamshire with my Mum and Stepdad, Wayne. As well as the gym I do lots of student journalism stuff and run my own radio show and student publication. I’m hoping to study journalism somewhere up North once I’ve finished at Warwick. My fitness inspirations are Lauren Tickner (who you can follow here) and Nikki Blackketter (who you can follow here). I’m really excited about sharing my fitness tips with you and hearing what you guys get up to!

Jamie x


Instagram: @jamiefituk

Twitter: @JenkinsLeeJamieΒ 


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