My week in Edinburgh.

As you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve just got back from a few days in Edinburgh with my boyfriend and his family. Trips away can sometimes mean taking a few days off the gym and eating unhealthy, but that’s okay! Back in my yo yo dieting phase if I’d have been dieting, it wouldn’t matter if I was away, I wasn’t allowed any of what I thought were ‘bad’ foods. This is exactly why I was never able to stick to them! I’ve since learnt that no foods are bad foods and you can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy treats, after all, it’s about mental as well as physical health. Because I haven’t been hitting the gym, I don’t have any fitness tips to share with you, but I do have a lot to write about Edinburgh and what I got up to.

Early Monday morning we were up and at Huddersfield train station waiting for our train. My over night oats were ready and I was very over excited. When I got on the train the tiredness hit me and so I slept for most of the journey, which only made the 4 hour train ride fly by. Our hotel was in a perfect spot, right on the Royal Mile and so we were really close to everything. Top Tip: Edinburgh is pretty small and, unless you’re planning on going way out (maybe the botanical gardens or something!) everything is within walking distance and super easy to find with a bit of google maps so there’s not much point getting a bus tour, unless you want the commentary of course! After checking in to our rooms we had a wander up to the castle. Β£17 a ticket to get in!! Β£17! Safe to say, we didn’t bother although we got some very nice pictures and found a very cute market that’s there everyday. I would definitely recommend giving it a visit! It’s only tiny but they have some really cute bits in there. After my first experience of haggis at dinner, for tea we went for something a little more familiar and hit up an American diner on the parade. After eating a plate of nachos bigger than my face and a burger, we have a wander back to the hotel and got some well deserved sleep.

edinburgh 1

Day 2 was another early start, not made easier by a broken, freezing cold shower. Never mind, I was on holiday, even when things are bad you make the most of it. I made the most of the all you can eat breakfast and we went to Edinburgh Dungeons. I love the dungeons and would really recommend visiting them here. They’re right next to the train station and, although a bit expensive, are loads of fun. I’ve been to the ones in London and York before and this was by far the best. As always, I got picked on multiple times. Can’t take me anywhere… We also had a look in a quirky little gallery and tea shop with some pretty cool books so if you like a bit of modern art and coffee would recommend popping in. We then hopped on a bus and went on a bit of a tour of Edinburgh. It was just as I expected and full of cute little bars and old pubs to hop off and have a drink or two in. Would recommend visiting Malones Irish bar (also right near the station), it’s an outside bar with live music and a pizza oven. If you take a visit in summer definitely pop in! After the bus tour my boyfriend and I had a wander round and looked at some second hand book shops. Word of warning, discount book shops in Edinburgh are not actually discount book shops. We couldn’t afford anything! Although, as the nerds we are, we enjoyed taking a look. That night we went for an Indian before a couple of drinks back at the hotel.


Our third and final day of course involved buying the odd souvenir. We also went on a tour around Edinburgh Gin Distillery which is definitely worth doing if you’re a gin fan. I’d suggest booking in advance because it’s only small so not a lot of people can fit in, however, our tour was Β£10 each and you get a glass of gin and tonic at the end! Not a bad deal if you ask me. It also turns into a bar at night which, if I ever go back, I will definitely be visiting. After another wander and a bit of sightseeing, we went to our favourite pub (No.1, down the road from our hotel and on the Royal Mile) for a bit of authentic Scottish dinner before heading home.


I absolutely loved Edinburgh and there’s loads to do but I would suggest pre planning and deciding what sort of things you want to get up to prior. If you’re really missing the gym, I did see a 24 hour one on my travels, but give yourself a few days off! It’s a student city, tailored to the student lifestyle and so everything is at a discount if you have your student card. Lovely few days with some lovely people. Thank you Edinburgh.

Jamie x


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