Beauty Favourites of the Month – April

Hey guys! This month I have been trying loads of new beauty products (a lot thanks to the Cosmopolitan goodie bag!) and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

First up is ‘Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm’. Now, I’ll be honest, I saw ‘nipple balm’ and was a little confused but, fear not, this product can actually go on any of your dry bits! I have been using it on my lips and I absolutely love it. It has quite a thick consistency compared to other lip balms I have used and kind of feels like you’re wearing a gloss when you first put it on. It’s completely tasteless and flavourless so you’re not going to be tempted to lick it off your lips (ahem, Lush Sugar Lip Scrub*). I get really dry lips and so usually have to keep applying lip balm throughout the day but not with Dr. Lipp, it’s thick consistency means that not only does it stay on super well but I only have to apply this once before I go to bed and it keeps my lips moisturised and soft for the rest of the following day. To make it even better, it’s 100% natural made completely from medical grade lanolin. You can pick this product up for £12 from loads of online retailers so just give it a google – if you suffer from dry skin and lips, this is for you!

*don’t get me wrong, I love this product but it tastes too darn good to resist licking it!

dr. lipp

Next is an all time favourite of mine but it has really come into it’s own this month. ‘O.P.I Nail Envy’ is, without a doubt, the best nail strengthener I have ever used. When I was little I was a avid nail biter and so my nails were left very weak. I started using this product and my nails not only got stronger but grew a lot quicker. Recently I have had acrylic nails taken off (I know, I know) and my nails were like paper. I’ve been using this product again now for about a week and I’m seeing massive improvements again. I do two coats every other day and then after a week remove it all and start again. It give a nice glossy finish and you can also get some with a bit of colour if you fancy it! It isn’t cheap, at £18.65 from Boots, but it is definitely worth it.

nail envy

Courtesy of my goodie bag, I have started trying out ‘Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil’. I had never tried a cleansing oil before and so I was a bit wary of it making my skin feel greasy. After using this product, I have been completely converted! My skin has never felt so clean and, despite being an oil, it comes off easily and removed all of my make up without leaving a lot of residue behind. It’s also packed with a unique blend of Coconut and Argan oils and so is ideal if you have dry skin. It is a little bit pricey and has a fragrance to it, which, although is quite nice, means it might give you a bit of irritation and I didn’t use the product around my eyes.

burts bees

My absolute saviour for stressful times, ‘La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo’ is an absolute must have if you suffer from spots and acne. I’ve been quite lucky and never had really bad skin but recently I’ve started to have a few breakouts. I couldn’t find anything to help until a friend recommended I tried this product. Within 2 days my skins was starting to look better! Again, it isn’t a cheap product but it lasts for ages because you only need a tiny bit and it’s definitely worth it. Unlike a lot of spot treatments, it doesn’t dry my skin out which is also a massive bonus – although if you have dry skin definitely make sure you’re moisturising as well. I tend to put a bit on before bed every night and if my skin is really bad I’ll put it on twice a day. It absorbs quickly so you can pretty much put your make up on straight away. You can pick this up for £15.50 from Boots and they have a huge range so there is plenty of different products to try out.


And finally, I couldn’t do a beauty favourites without mentioning my metallic ‘Real Techniques Brush Set’. I got this set for Christmas and I was a bit sceptical about that much money being spent on brushes, however, these have completely changed my make up look. I got 7 brushes in the set, as pictured below. (Yes, they could really do with a wash!) There is a brush for everything! Starting from the top – Foundation (I haven’t quite sussed this one yet), Powders, Highlight, Contouring, Eye Shadow blender, Lips and then an Eye Shadow. Not only are they great quality brushes, they also look super pretty!


You can also buy most of these brushes separately or in smaller sets. My absolute favourite that I would really recommend is 301 flat contour brush. Not only is it rose gold (my favourite) but it is a fantastic brush for blending and contouring. The shape it perfect for precise application of the contour and the bristles are densely packed together so its great for blending it in to stop any awkward lines. I usually use a powder but it also blend in cream contours without it looking streaky and feels super soft on your skin. It’s the perfect shape for getting into all those difficult bits! This brush is £22 to buy on it’s own in Boots but a quick google and I saw it for cheaper so definitely have a browse if you’re thinking of treating yourself.

brush 1

There you have my beauty favourites for April! Let me know if you try any of these products out or what products you’ve been loving this month.

Jamie x


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