Let’s talk about… Carb Cycling

I have been carb cycling for about a month now and so I thought I would share how it was going with you guys. The first thing it is important to address when talking about carb cycling is that it is not saying that carbs are bad! Carbs are actually very necessary but what carb cycling does is enable you to better use your carbohydrates by burning them as fuel because, if you’re eating carbs at the wrong time, it can be stored as fat. Basically, over the week I am still eating the same amount of carbs as I was before but I am just having more carbs on lower body days and less carbs on rest days when I don’t need as much, as well as making more sensible choices about where I am getting my carbohydrates from.

So, that means I am having 220g of carbs on lower body days, 182g of carbs on upper body days and 145g of carbs on rest days. This would be different depending on the person but basically I took my usual amount of carbs, which is 182g and either multiplied or divided it by 1.25 to work out roughly what I needed on the other days.

So far I have found it really easy and I am seeing great results. I feel like I am eating the same amount of food and not going hungry, but seeing a lot more fat loss than I was before. I have not weighed myself so I can’t give you numbers to prove this, but based on my appearance and the way my clothes are fitting, the fat is certainly coming off at a healthy pace. Carb cycling takes a lot of planning in advance and, on lower carb days, I really have to prioritise what I want to ‘spend’ my carbs on. At first I was left really hungry at night because I overdid it during the day but, now I have got my head around it a bit more, I am able to spread my food intake out more evenly so I am not going hungry. If you’re main focus is building muscle, carb cycling can still work for you although it does not offer any special muscle building benefits. Saying that, I have found that with more food on lower body days I have more energy and therefore I do feel like I am performing better in the gym. Plus, losing fat just makes them hard earned muscles more prominent.

So there you go. If you’re interested in finding out more about carb cycling or want to work out what is the best route for you, there are some great articles online that can give you loads of scientific advice. Just type in ‘carb cycling’ and have a browse to see what would work best for you. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re struggling to get fat off. Although I haven’t, I would also recommend keeping a track of your weight when doing so as these things do not work for everyone.

If you have anymore questions about my carb cycling progress of my diet in general, just pop me a message and follow me on InstagramΒ to see some recipes I am making whilst carb cycling.Β 

Jamie xΒ 




3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about… Carb Cycling

    • I find rice and potatoes are quite good! I love pasta but you get a lot more for your money with the others if that makes sense. In terms of cutting down, it’s just about building up the food mass elsewhere. So upping your veg and protein for example! You could also try so carb alternative recipes. I’ve not tried them but there is a lot with spiralised veg etc instead of pasta. Don’t be too scared of carbs, they’re not the enemy! Just about being careful but still giving your body what it needs. Hope this helps 😘 Xx


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